Friday, June 6

Special Tips for Lips

Lips need special care. Keep your pucker-uppers in top form, because not only do chapped lips look terrible, but they’re prone to infections.


Apply udder balm or petroleum jelly on your lips, and gently rub with a soft toothbrush. Apply lip balm or lipstick. This not only makes lips feel smooth, but creates that popular pouty look you’ve seen and admired on models

Lip Products

Look for lip ointments containing lanolin. Look for all lip products to contain SPF protection. Another plus are lipsticks and glosses with alpha hydroxyl acids. The benefits are twofold. The acids will exfoliate dead skin while they help to retain moisture.

Lip Treatment

Black tea is high in tannic acid, which boosts skin’s moisture level. Saturate a black tea bag with very warm water. Press over clean lips for five minutes.


Break open a vitamin E capsule and rub over lips. This will allow the lips to heal. In the morning, brush away the excess vitamin E. Dead skin will also be sloughed off.

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