Sunday, June 8

Summer Dress and Tops by ROMWE

How to create your own style

A signature piece, a color that you are known for, a fashion era that you emulate, a cultural flair you incorporate, or a distinctive way you coordinate, all of these are characteristics of personal style. When someone comments that she saw something while shopping that reminded her of you, congratulations! You have your own personal style. Developing a unique, enviable fashion flair doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it may be much easier than developing color courage or taking risk with your likes. By simply committing to a theme or a style mantra, a focus regarding your wardrobe, you can quickly and effectively establish your own personal style.

A fashion goal such as casual glamour, tough femininity, ethnic sophistication, or retro modernity can keep you directed down a particular shopping path, helping guide selections and assembly of your masterful thrifty-chic wardrobe. Setting a specific intention will clarify a fabulous personal style.

Oh! If you are looking for summer outfit, ROMWE has it all. The photos below are just some of the salable outfits for this summer.

Colorful Week for $13.99 up in 7 days. 

Pastel Tops for $12.99 and up in 72 hours only.

Sexy Tops for $12.00 and up in 72 hours only.

Dress Your Summer for $19.99 up


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