Thursday, June 26

Womens Shoes, Ladies Shoes

There is no hiding the fact that I love shoes!

The right shoes can make or break any outfit. They really dictate the mood of an ensemble. One of the fastest ways to change your look is to change your shoes. Shorts and a delicate tank top can go from doing laundry, to doing a zumba on a dance floor with a quick change out of your sneakers and into hot, strappy heels. No doubt, changing those sneakers also changes your attitude.

Let’s face it, we tend to show our respect, confidence, and feminine intentions for an event by how high we are willing to lift our heels off the floor. Grocery shopping gets flats, but special nights out get come-hither pumps. We all have that special pair of shoes in our closet that may very well kill our feet, but we feel so sexy in them, we are willing to take stunted, geisha-like steps from the car to the closest chair we can find at the party and back to the car when the shindig’s all done.


Because shoes serve such specific in our lives, many of us, no matter how advanced a shopper hero, live by the dictum that we have to sacrifice comfort for style and, worse, style for comfort. This is simply not the case. Cute, comfy, confidence-boosting shoes can be found at great prices. You just have to dedicate yourself to the hunt.


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