Thursday, July 3

Face Powder

There are women who wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without the face powder and women who never use it. That fact is, however, that your choice of powder is just as important as the foundation you use. Powder will hold your foundation in place and can do a great deal to improve the appearance of your skin, giving it a more flawless finish.

Face Powder

Loose powder is the powder of choice for setting your foundation at the start of the day or evening. A compact powder will not give as fine a finish and is best saved for retouching make-up later. Some powders are milled to be much finer than others and these are the most desirable. Before you apply the brush to your face, dust any excess powder onto the back of your hand.

Color choice is crucial, too. Many women go for the safe option of a translucent powder, but a tinted powder can often enhance the complexion more. A honey color, for instance, might warm up your complexion without looking fake. You can also experiment creating different effects with powders of various shades. For example, a shade that is very slightly darker than your regular powder and foundation can be used to slim down a round face, a heavy jaw or a wide nose. Sheen-boosting powders are also available and are especially good for evening. They make the skin look shiny rather than greasy and will hold your foundation in place.


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