Monday, July 7

Facial Care

When taking care of your face, you should apply a face mask and exfoliate at least once a week to nourish the skin and encourage its renewal. Sloughing off the dead cells that sit on the surface stimulates effectively, so you emerge with a glowing, smoother complexion.

A good way to understand your skin and discover the products that will keep it at its best is to have a professional consultation and facial. Increasingly, beauticians are trained in holistic therapies like aromatherapy, reflexology and lymph drainage, and they will be able to bring this experience to your program.

It is important to recognize that your skin’s needs change from week to week and from season to season. So, although your basic skin type, normal, dry, oil or combination, remains the same throughout your life, its requirements are affected by many internal and external factors, ageing, hormonal changes, exposure to pollution and to the sun, living in central-heated and air-conditioned rooms, for example.


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