Thursday, July 31

How It Delays Aging

Research suggests that vitamin E’s antioxidant power may help prevent heart disease and cancer, boosts the immune system, and possibly helps normalize blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. Vitamin E also seems to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

What You’ll Find:

Vitamin E comes in 100-, 200-, or 400-IU capsules. It is also available in liquid. Recent studies have found that our bodies absorb the natural form of vitamin E more effectively than the synthetic kind. You’ll pay more for the natural kind, however.

How Much To Take:

The daily value is 30-IU, not enough, suggests some research, to head off heart disease or other illnesses. Aim for 100 to 400 IU. Take vitamin E with a meal that contains a small amount of fat. You’ll absorb it better.


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