Friday, July 18

Walking Outfit

You do not need expensive walking clothing unless you crave it or have a friend or relative who owns a sporting goods store and is counting on your business. Cotton and fleece clothing do the job nicely. In general, socks and underwear should be comfortable, and sunglasses may be needed on bright days, regardless of the season. What to wear will be dictated by the weather conditions. Here is what I have found to be comfortable.


Light shorts or pants and a light cotton T-shirt or button-up shirt. A hat and sunscreen will protect you from getting burned.

Spring and autumn

Cotton pants, cotton T-shirt or button up shirt and a windbreaker. Fleece sweatshirts are also a good cover-up.


Wear an undershirt or T-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, cotton sweater or sweatshirt, covered by a nylon windbreaker; pants with long underwear beneath, and nylon pants over top for wind protection. Finish it up with a pair of gloves, a hat and shoes with a nonslip sole and good treads.


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