Friday, August 8

Buying Pilot Shirts: 3 Tips and Tricks

One of the most distinguishable features of a pilot's uniform, the right pilot shirt is a universal symbol of authority and experience. But what if your airline doesn't supply them for employees? What steps should you take in choosing your own pilot shirt? Here are just a few ideas.

1: Search Uniform Retailers

While there are companies devoted exclusively to aviation uniforms, you can also find pilot shirts from retailers like Garff Shirts ( that cater to working professionals in general. The latter is usually less expensive, and you can buy in bulk for a long career in the air.

2: Consider the Fit

Pilot shirts shouldn't be bulky or overly large; this encourages wrinkles and bunching around the shoulders and arms, which in turn will make you appear unprofessional in front of your passengers. Generally speaking, a pilot shirt should fit in the same way as a dress shirt.

3: Conform to Regulations

Sometimes there are limits on the things you can wear as a pilot or pilot-in-training. For example, if you aren't yet a certified flight instructor (CFI), most airlines won't allow you to wear white. If you're a commercial pilot, a lot of companies will ask you to wear blue. Make sure you don't violate any regulations with your new purchases.

Whether you're a graduating student or just a veteran pilot looking to upgrade your wardrobe, these are three ways to find pilot shirts that are right for you. You're responsible for inspiring trust in your passengers, so you'll want to look as neat and confident as possible.


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