Wednesday, August 20

Hand and Nails

Like our face, our hands are always on display and exposed to the elements, so they will be one of the first parts of our body to show signs of ageing. There's something very gratifying about looking after our hands and nails. This has a lot to do with the fact that they are quick to respond to care and attention, and they offer a way of lavishing a little luxury on yourself relatively cheaply.

Book yourself in for a professional manicure and ask for advice on improving the condition of your nails. Normal nails are strong, pink and flexible with smooth nail plates. Dry nails lack lustre and may have ridges; they are crying out for moisture. Dehydrated nails may flake, nails become dehydrated with age. Brittle nails are hard, inflexible, and easily crack or chip; most of all they need oil. Damaged nails are caused by overuse of a artificial nails or a sensitivity to the products which have been used on them; they are often soft, lacking in lustre, and may also peel or flake.


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