Saturday, August 30

Looking for a Car

My business partner has planned to buy a car for me, so I could easily go anywhere without getting any problem with a taxi. He asked what kind or brand of a car I wanted to have. Honestly, I have no idea yet, and so I was surfing on the World Wide Web. I found Honda Fit which I think is perfect for me, but I was not contented yet and I kept on looking until I found this very cute, girly car.

For me, it is really cute, but on the second thought, it is not good for business. This car is perfect if you go to a party, lady’s night, or hanging with friends. If I drive this car, for sure, I am the center of attraction. Lol. Actually, I didn’t know where you could buy this car, but if it is abroad, you need to find reliable shipping cars overseas. Anyhow, back to Honda Fit, I guess I will go with this car.


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