Saturday, August 30

What Scents Say About Who We Are

The way the skin smells tells a lot about who we are. This phenomenon moves beyond the smell of scented soaps that most people use to take daily baths. It has much to do with personal preferences and the chemical reaction of each individual's skin to perfumes and lotions. There are several ways that the average scent hound may show passersby his preferences.


Some skin types have no need for eau de cologne or mist sprays. They simply need lightly perfumed lotions to carry a pleasing scent all day. It is important to select lotions that are not heavy woodsy scents that linger in the air long after moving. These can be a challenge for others who have allergies and make it difficult for some who share office space or commuter rides. The key to wearing any scented creams or lotions is to keep it subtle. The wearer should be able to smell the scent and everyone else should have to be close to the wearer in order to detect a smell.


There are many philosophies about the proper way to spray on perfume. Some people choose to douse clothing instead of skin. This deserves a gentle approach. Some perfumes do not wash out easily. If applying to the skin, it is best to dab a small amount on the wrists and behind each ear. This should be plenty to last for a work day or special occasion. If there is a spray bottle, spray only one wrist and rub the other areas with the sprayed wrist. Scent is a signature, but it should always be one that has class and manners in a crowded room.


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