Tuesday, September 2

Attending Formal Events With Your Little Girl

Whether it be be a wedding, funeral, or anniversary party, taking your little to a formal function can be a bit of a challenge. When your little one wants to run and play, she has to sit quietly and wait for the adults to conclude their business. What to do when she starts to grow restless? Here are just a few tips for taking your little one to a formal event.

Bring snacks: Include some light, non messy snacks like crackers, cookies, and gummy worms for her to enjoy.

Brings toys and activities: Some quiet toys and activities can keep your little one engaged. This might include her favorite doll, a coloring book and pencils, or a puzzle.

Prepare for cleanup: Just in case she does get messy, it's best to have some cleanup supplies. Include baby wipes, hand sanitizer, and a change of clothes just in case. you can bring a set of clothes for her to change into, or a pair of girl's bloomers for those times she'll want to run, tumble, and play with the others.

Prepare for playtime: If there are other children at the event, there will likely be a time afterwards where they will be free to run around and play. This would be a good time to change clothes, even if it's just changing into a pair of play shoes.

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