Tuesday, September 2

Nail Care

Certain drugs, or processes like chemotherapy, can cause changes in nails and the nail bed. You may find your nails more brittle, discolored, and grooved. There may be a change in your nail’s growth and the nail bed itself may lift.

1. Keep your nails somewhat short for both appearance and safety.

2. Massage cuticle cream or vitamin Einto the cuticle area to prevent dryness, splitting, and hang nails.

3. Don’t cut your cuticles. Push them back instead.

4. Try to wear gloves when doing housework, especially when your hands will be in water. Excessive exposure to water can lead to fungal infections of the nail bed.

5. Use nail polish or clear nail shield to keep nails strong and protected from the environment.

6. Use an oily, formaldehyde-free nail polish remover. Nails may have become weak or brittle during illness or treatment.

7. Avoid nails that have to be glued on.


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