Sunday, September 7

You Are What Your Wear

There is no escaping it, what you wear says a lot about you. Your fashion choices reflect your self-respect, the occasion, and even your deference to the company you keep. What you put on has the power of a visual voice. Your clothes are a tool that can convey confidence, capacity, creativity, and charisma without a single spoken word. So, considering the dynamic potential of clothing, something we all have to buy and wear anyway (most of us don’t live in a nudist camp) why would you choose to tell the world you would rather be napping, as you sport a comfortable outfit that’s barely a step above footie pajamas?

Smarter fashion choices simply make you look smarter. The better you dress your body, the better the initial perceptions of those you meet and come in contact with. And when you consider the cost-cutting strategies you will now be employing, you are gonna look bloody brilliant.

Anyhow, here are the latest legging’s designs at ROMWE.


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