Sunday, November 23

Acne Prevention

It is not only for teens. More and more cases of adult acne have been popping up. Stress, which causes hormonal imbalances, is a major culprit. There are many simple ways to deal with existing outbreaks, and prevent future ones.

Don’t try to use the sun as a cure. Although it may suppress it temporarily, it speeds up cell turnover, clogs pores, and causes skin to erupt. Always wear sunscreen.

Don’t try to scrub away the acne. It just causes flare ups.

Don’t use too many ingredients at one time. If you are prone to using a heavy sunscreen, rich moisturizer, and creamy foundation at one time, the combination will plug up pores.

Be careful where you put your face. Pressing your chin against the phone, resting your hand on your cheek, or touching your face frequently can trigger acne.

Hair products can be contributing factors to breakouts around the hairline, neck, shoulders, and back. Try using different products and be careful to keep them off your skin.


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