Thursday, November 13

The Movie Conversion Process

Ever faced a problem while playing a video? Well that might be a case if you are trying to play a video that is not supported by the device you are using. The movie Converter from Movavi makes this process easier and so it is advised that you can use this converter by downloading it and have the best and the most awesome experience of converting movies. The movie maker has a lot of abilities as it lets you crop, edit, merge or add effects to your videos.

The following is a step by step guide for you in case you are not habituated with converting and editing videos:
  • Download the movie converter and run the installation setup. The installation will be done according to the instructions of the Installation Wizard. Just keep on hitting next and the thing will be installed. You will notice that there is also a panel that works to edit videos other than converting it. Merging, cropping, etc. all are possible with this editor.
  •  Click on the “Add file” option to select the video you want to import into the software to be edited. The video will automatically be visible on your timeline.
  • Now go to the conversion list and select the format you need. The more presets option will show you the formats present in the software. Just so you know, there are more than 180 formats in the converter. There are practically no unsupported file formats. The supported codecs are HD video, HTML5, DVD, Flash and the file types in it are MKV, WMV, SWF,AVI, MP4,FLV, MPEG,3GP, MPEG-TS, ASF,WebM, OGV, RM, WTV. The audio files can also be converted into WMA, M4A, OGG,MP3, FLAC and many more. There is no loss in the quality even if you work with the 4K Ultra HD video. You can even convert the SD videos into HD. Image files can be converted too and that too without any additional codec.
  • Before you put the video to conversion, you should first select the place where the converted video should be transferred to on completion. For choosing a destination file, you can use the browse option. Select it and you will not have to turn your computer upside down later when you want to find it.
  • The basic editing processes can also be done using this software. Edit, crop, merge, add effects, do whatever you want. It is very easy to operate this software. There are numerous such effects that you can choose like the sepia, black and white, etc.
  • After all this is done, select the Convert option and the whole conversion will take place all by itself. After this step you have nothing to do other than waiting for the system to finish its work. The time taken may vary depending on resolution, quality and size of the video you are editing or converting.
Once done, feel free to show off your video. It is for sure that you will not find a converter more efficient than this.


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