Friday, December 19

Skin Protection on Winter Time

Extreme temperatures, blustery winds, and low humidity are reasons we must put our bodies into defense mode for several months. Less water/less soap When the weather turns cold, it seems comforting to warm up in a hot bath or shower. This dries out skin, so it is important to use tepid water, stay in a short time, and stop using strong soaps. Use bubble bath sparingly. They contain detergents that can dry out skin. When cold weather hits, switch to bath oils. Moisturize more Apply your moisturizer before stepping into the bath so that the stream will accelerate the benefits. Honey is great humectants to use once a week as a mask. Protect skin from the elements Even if you spend most of your time indoors, the drying effects of winter are a real challenge. Use gentle exfoliants, especially on chapped areas. If using acne medication, protect skin when outdoors by using thicker moisturizer and foundation. A light layer of petroleum jelly will act as a protective layer over moisturizer. Stay away from deodorant soaps. They strip away necessary oils.


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