Tuesday, December 30

Why Wear A Collar?

Some people like to make fashion statements, and bondge collars are a way for you to make a statement that says your unique. There are ways that you can create your own collar, making it with the materials you desire and with the details that you want everyone to see. A plain collar is idea for those who want the look but not all of the embellishments that come with spikes and gems.

A bondage collar is sometimes worn by those who want to feel like they are needed by others. It makes them feel like they are inferior, and they like seeing that someone else relies on them. There are some collars that are worn in the bedroom by people who want to play a submissive role. Some collars can be made so that they are beautifully designed, accenting any kind of accent. You will also see collars that are worn with flowing dresses, acting as a choker of sorts. These collars are often plain in design with only one or two colors and perhaps a few jewels. They are easy to place, and you can get them in various sizes, some of them adjustable so that they fit necks of any size.


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