Saturday, December 6

Wrinkled Knee

My son and I went to the grocery store the other day, but before we went back home, my son asked if we could eat first before we go home. So, we headed at the second floor where the fast-food chain is located. While enjoying our food, I saw a not so old three women standing in a food chain waiting for their orders, and they were all wearing short pants. I noticed that the youngest woman has the ugliest knees. She has wrinkled knee while the other two, who look older than her has fair knees. Honestly, I look up my knees if I also have wrinkles, but fortunately, with my age right now, I still have nice knees. I searched about this wrinkled knee, and I have learned that wrinkled knee is also known as “kninkles” and apparently no woman is safe for this. However, there are tips for staving off this awful infliction.

1. Not be too skinny because knuckles tend to afflict people who are very thin.
2. If money is available, get radio-frequency treatment
3. Wear shiny stockings

Well, I am lucky because I am not too skinny. I can still wear short pants, mini skirts and short dress without worrying my knees.
By the way, we went home with this qsc ksub sub-woofer. It was on sale, so I bought it because our sub-woofer is not good anymore.


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