Tuesday, February 3

Water: The Ultimate Anti-Aging Tonic

Your body needs water for all the basic processes of life, which include everything from transporting nutrients to regulating internal temperature. But drinking of plenty of water, at least eight glasses a day can give you benefits above and beyond the basics. It can also help you maintain healthy, younger-looking skin and prevent certain diseases and conditions that can make you feel far older than your years.

If you want to keep it smooth, supple, and radiant, water is one of the secrets you are looking for. If your skin loses more than half its moisture, it becomes dry and flaky. Even fine lines become more pronounced. Over time, dry skin can age more quickly. One way to fight back is by using moisturizers. When you moisturize your skin it plumps up and looks smoother, and fine lines seem to disappear. The problem is that time makes the going tougher. Our skin gets drier as we get older. And as we go closer to menopause and our estrogen levels drop, our skin may dry out even more. That’s water comes in. Drinking plenty of water is important. Whether you sip it or soak in it, water moisturizers your skin.


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