Tuesday, March 24

Positive Aging

The idea of getting old just kind of doesn’t exist for me. Growing older doesn’t mean growing old. Maybe we don’t have the body we had when we were 20, but growing older isn’t without its perks. We can still act like one like laughing uproariously in public, throwing your arms around a dear friend you have not seen in a long time, using some spicy words to make your point. We are free to ignite the fiery part of ourselves. We have more time to let our creative juices flow. Most of us have more leisure time as we get older, so we can develop our creativity more fully. And since we don’t have to prove ourselves, we are more inclined to try anything. We don’t have to cook if we don’t want to. Honestly, there are many times, so many times actually, that I just want to dine out. It really helps me to release the everyday stress at home.


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