Friday, April 3

Mother of the Groom Dress

That's right. I started looking for a dress that I can wear on my son's wedding. Well, there is no definite date yet on their wedding, but he asked permission to me already that he wanted to marry his girlfriend hopefully this year. And because I am so picky when it comes to my dress, I decided to start looking a dress or gown for me. I found these beautiful dresses on Bluegala, but the prices are so high. I want a simple but elegant, and the price is affordable.

Anyway, I also have planned buying a fabric, and then I will bring it to the dress maker shop. I just don't know which is cheaper, to shop for ready to wear dress or gown, or buy a fabric and sew it at the dress shop.

I so like this black and white sexy dress. Lovely, isn't it? Probably, I will just buy a fabric, but first I want to bring this photo to the dress maker and I will ask her if she can make it or not.


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