Tuesday, June 30

Move Over, Online Storefronts. There's a New Kid in Town

For the woman looking for something completely unique in clothing and high-quality fashion accessories, she can invest a lot of time perusing hundreds of thousands of websites. If she is a world traveler, she can spend days exploring the stores and backstreet stalls of foreign cities in search of the perfect dress.

One stop at Craftsvilla will save hours of time searching, time better spent on shopping for the latest in fashion and traditional regional Indian apparel. The site has more than 8,000 shops, more than 880,000 products and something for nearly every taste and budget.

One visit to the Anarkalis shop reveals a world of fine sarees – sarees for weddings, Bollywood sarees, silk sarees, even designer sarees. Salwars, kurtis and casual dresses to suit any taste parade across the web pages. There are not 20 or 30 styles to choose from. There are silks, satins, chiffons and nets in a rainbow of thousands of hues, and this only one of thousands of stores on this website.

Such a wealth of color, styles and fabric can leave a shopper overwhelmed. Fortunately, the site provides a convenient easy-to-search collection of its best sellers for those stunned into indecision.

The shopper can choose from a wide range of shops offering bags, jewelry and more to accessorize an ensemble. As just one example, not all women's watches are suitable for wearing with Indian clothing, but here you can find one that masquerades as a traditional bracelet that goes with anything.

The accessories and ensembles would work well on the city streets of Mumbai and Kolkata, but they would not look out of place in New York City or London. Fine fabrics and great designs are always in style no matter where you roam.

The site also accepts a range of international currencies and provides a handy currency converter. Just select the monetary unit by country, click it and the converter does the work for you.

If you find something that you just cannot wait for, the site offers fast shipping and easy returns. Look for the various coupon and discounts deals that individual shops offer as well. You can save some serious money by taking advantage of them.

If a plane ticket or a couple of days of online shopping are not on your horizon, then stop by this website and take a virtual journey around the world. Refresh your eyes. Refresh your spirit.


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