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Movavi Video Converter - A powerful video converting tool for Windows

Videos come in various formats and you never know when you might need a video in a particular format. This makes video converting tools essential for those who work with videos all the time, or even for those home users who watch a lot of videos. There are many video converters in the market, one of the more feature-rich ones being Movavi Video Converter. Let us see what makes Movavi a quality video converting tool.

Attractive features of Movavi Video Converter for Windows

Movavi Video Converter supports all major video formats like avi, mp4, mpeg - 1,2, flv, mov, mkv, wmv, vob, 3gp, swf, mp3, aac, wav, etc. You can save the converted file in any device like iPhone, iPad, Android devices, etc. If you need some basic video editing tools, Movavi Video Converter offers them as well. Choose from functions like trim, rotate, crop, enhance image, etc. Movavi also offers support for over 200 devices from various major brands like Apple, LG and Samsung. For easier video converting, there are readymade presets optimized for specific devices.

Some other uses of Movavi Video Converter

Are you an avid video watcher, who keeps downloading videos and then ends up with no space on the hard drive? Well, you can remedy that situation by compressing your oversized video files. Simply cut the relevant portions of the videos you like and recreate a shorter video that frees up space for even more videos! You can rip DVDs and save them as video files, thus transferring your DVD collection to your hard drive! If you want to add captions or watermarks to your videos before converting,
Movavi offers you that option as well.

Ease of use and high speed conversion of Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video Converter is an easy to use software - download video converter, run the .exe file and follow the instruction of the helpful Installation Wizard. Add the video to be converted, punch in the formats and hit 'convert' - it is as simple as A-B-C! You can even speed up the video conversion process (up to 79x faster) by taking advantage of the full potential of your processor by enabling the Intel Hardware Technology. You can also enable SuperSpeed conversion mode and NVIDIA GPU Acceleration - thus you can mass convert your files without having to wait an eternity for the result!


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