Monday, August 10

Most Flattering Formulation

Before choosing a foundation, answer these two questions: How much do you need to hide? And does your skin need more moisture or less?

Foundations come in three weights, or amounts of coverage: sheer, medium, and full. Generally speaking, mature skin is most flattered by a sheer or medium-weight foundation. A sheer foundation may not cover blotches or discoloration, while full-coverage foundations, which are meant to cover birthmarks or other serious skin flaws, can look cakey and chalky.

Foundations also come in two basic formulas: oil and water. Oil-based foundations, such as Maybelline Revitalizing Liquid Make-Up with SPF 10 Sunscreen, or L’Oreal Visible Lift Line-Minimizing Makeup, are best for dry or mature skin. Oil-based foundations add moisture to skin, giving it a dewy appearance. Whatever foundations you choose, select a product that contains added sunscreen. It will help fortify your skin against sun damage.


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