Friday, September 4

Relax and Sleep Well

Sleeping Beauty. Remember her story? She pricked her fingers on a spindle, then slept for a hundred years.

Getting some rest should be so easy. If you're not getting the sleep you need, you won't need to check into a rest home, but you may feel like you belong in one. It's probably no surprise that, among other things, sleep dreprivation cuts energy levels, reduces your ability to concentrate, and can make your moody, affecting everything from your work performance and your relationships to your driving skills. Not to mention causing those other, yet all-important, eye problems, unsightly bags and circles.
On the other hand, getting the right amount of sleep can (overnight) help you to think, look, and feel younger. Just think what a little shut-eye did for Sleeping Beauty. When that handsome prince fell for her peaceful, resting face and woke her with a kiss, she was well over a hundred years old!

Some common lifestyle-related causes of sleep problems include drinking alcohol or caffeinated drinks late in the evening, eating foods that could cause heartburn before going to bed, arguing with your mate before bedtime, worrying about unfinished business from the workday, and engaging in vigorous exercise after 6:00 or 7:00 PM. An uncomfortable bed or a bedroom that's too light, too hot, or too cold are also likely to stand between you and dreamtime.


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