Monday, September 7

Shampooing and Conditioning

Regular shampooing and conditioning is vital for healthy hair. If you live in a city or have greasy hair, trichologists recommend daily shampooing to cleanse away pollution that will affect the condition of the scalp, and to prevent excess grease, which can create an oily, flaky scalp that may lead to thinning and hair loss.

It is important to use a good-quality shampoo, as this will contain gentle detergents that clean the hair but don't strip it of its natural oils. It should also contain proteins, vitamins, such as vitamins B5, E and F, and plant extracts, such as orange, rosemary and pine essential oils, which help improve the condition and strength of the hair, and combat free radicals. You need only a very small amount of a good shampoo and, if you was your hair every day, one application will be sufficient.

Conditioner is essential for dry to normal hair and beneficial for greasy hair. Use a deep-conditionong hair treatment once a week if your hair is dry or chemically processed; applying it before a sauna or steam room session will help it to penetrate.


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