Friday, September 11

The Power of Color and Creativity

Color is an incredible fashion tool that's often taken for granted. We are all naturally attracted to color, and it stimulates emotional, physical, and even behavioral responses. We don't just notice colors; we actually feel them, and they can not only reflect our moods, but often alter them as well. Every fashion decision we make has a color connection that sends a message to others and reflects our personality. Choosing colors wisely can work to your advantage and help elevate your style game.

Most importantly for thrifty divas, great color has a perceived worth. Certain colors simply look more sophisticated and stylish, so choosing those colors can boost the look of a budget garment without adding a dime to the price tag. Understanding what message the color is sending is the key, so once again, we can make better choices and look like a million without speding a fortune.

The science behind color reveals that we interpret certain colors to mean specific things. A stunning purple blouse reflects a passionate visionary. To-die-for red shoes communicate energy, determination, and charisma. Your chocolate-brown suit tell your boss you are stable, earthy, and reliable. The beautiful turquoise scarf you never wear could be telling the world you are motivated, active, and dynamic, and the fantastic yellow handbag that you were so attracted to before you opted to go with the black instead would have declared you optimistic, playful, and enthsiastic. Quite simply, color is an electrifying wardrobe device that carries great power yet doesn't have to cost an extra penny.


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