Thursday, September 3

What is Good Home Security?

The best home security is to have a home monitoring system from a reputable company such as Alarm Relay. A monitored system is connected to a monitoring center where there are trained security professionals watching your alarms all day and night throughout the year. However, there are some things you can do in your home to increase your safety.

Tips for Home Security

• If you are worried about burglars, you can test your house by trying to burgle it yourself. Or ask a young friend to test the windows and other places of entry. This will give you an idea of weaknesses in your security system.

• Always lock all of your doors when you go out even if you are just going next door. Burglars could be watching and walk into your unlocked home. They only need one minute to get some of your electronics and other valuables.

• When you buy a new home, change all of the locks and tumblers. You should also change them if you lose your keys.

• If you have an electronic security system, make sure all the wiring is concealed because a professional burglar may be able to disconnect it.

• Make sure you house appears occupied at all times. You can use timers to turn on and off TVs, lights and radios.

• Install motion-sensor lights in your front and back yard. If someone walks up to your door, the light will go on. This is good for you when you come home late and bad for burglars.

• Shrubbery and trees near windows are a good place for burglars to hide. You may want to re-landscape your house with security in mind.

• If a stranger comes to your door asking to be let in for whatever reason, you should ask for identification. If they are a salesperson, you can call their office to check their identification. If they want to use the phone, you can keep them outside and make the call for them. Burglars may try to gain entry into your home to scout the place, so when they attempt a burglary, they know where to go.

Deterring potential burglars is the best option, but if one does gain entry or try to gain entry into your home, a monitored system will have the police at your door in minutes. It will also monitor fire, smoke and medical conditions of residents.


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