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Set a Beautiful Table for Any Special Occasion

Most of the time setting the table only requires a plate, silverware, and a paper napkin. This is fine for every day, but there are occasions where a beautifully set, formal table would be much more appropriate. Inviting guests to sit down at an elegant table makes holidays and other celebrations extra special.

Start With a Theme

Selecting a theme will keep one organized when creating a lovely table setting. Common themes are Christmas and Thanksgiving, but a color or season works nicely too. Keep it simple. Elaborate themes can make the planning overwhelming. For example, a “spring” theme could mean pastel napkins, floral china patterns, and a centerpiece of daffodils or tulips.

The Dishes

Not many people can afford to buy special sets of dishes for each dinner party they host. The most economical way to have a lovely table scape is to select dishes in neutral patterns that will suit many different themes throughout the year. Look for quality sets such as Hermes china. Beautiful designs can be found at online retailers like Fine Brand Sales or in the local department stores.

Dress the Table

Just like coordinating an outfit, dressing a table starts with one main foundation piece. This would be the tablecloth. Use solid colors that coordinate with the theme. A Thanksgiving table looks terrific in gold while red or green is perfect for Christmas. For a more unique look, try repurposing items from around the house. A quilt can become a charming country tablecloth with a little imagination. Don’t forget coordinating cloth napkins.


A vase full of seasonal blossoms is a classic type of centerpiece that never goes out of style, but don’t limit the options to strictly flowers. The centerpiece will immediately clue guests in as to what the theme is as well as anchor the table design. Be creative. A glass bowl filled with mini pumpkins and gourds really says Thanksgiving, and apothecary jars filled with sea shells, sand, or pebbles are perfect for a summer dinner.

With these few simple ideas, guests can enjoy a beautifully themed dinner table that stands out from their everyday meals. Everything from the table cloth to the place settings will let everyone know their hostess cared enough to set a lovely table that adds a special touch to any occasion.


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