Tuesday, October 20

Shoe Rules

Understanding what is going to look best on your foot, what heel type is going to slim your leg, and generally how to find a shoe that will look fabulous and not torture your lower back is the trifecta of shoe-shopping know-how. Throw in some style shopping strategies to bag your shoes at rock-bottom prices, and you'll be high stepping in some super-cute shoes. In this day and age, Here are a few things to remember when shopping.

Shoe Rules

Dress up an outfit with your shoes.

The same old shoe style that you love can be made fun and fresh if you choose an unexpected color. There is a reason songs are written about blue suede shoes; color packs a fashion punch.

Choose shoes with sculpted, contoured, feminine heels. The chunkier the heel, the chunkier your legs look, and the more masculine the shoe.

Shoes that are cut lower across the foot and show a little toe cleavage create long, lovely legs.

Watch your toes. Shoes with square or round toes can appear very masculine. An almond-shaped toes or a pointed toe makes your legs look longer and will always appear more feminine.

Wedge heels are a great, modern option that offer height and comfort while walking. A wedge heel absorbs the shock to your joints and proves a comfy boost in height and confidence.

Avoid thick, straight straps across the top of your foot. These will make your legs look larger and your feet look wider.


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