Tuesday, November 3

A great way to think about your handbag

Our fashion choices should speak of our own creativity, not someone else's. You can make a strong style statement with a structured handbag in a rich color. In fact, when you are trying to push yourself out of the black fashion hole, this is exactly where you want to start. The strategic use of rich colors in your handbags offers an immediate style boost.

A great way to think about your handbag is that it is like wearable, functional art. You want it to offer visual interest, reflect your creative spirit, and stimulate your senses. The point is to say no to the dreaded basic black box with a handle and recognize the potential of this important accessory. Don't forfeit the opportunity to be unforgettably fashionable.

When choosing a handbag, follow these simple tips:

Choose medium-sized styles proportioned to your height. Tiny handbags make you look larger, and a huge oversized bag can make you look like you're carrying luggage.

Handbags should be worn in the bend of your waist and not slung low at your hip. A handbag that fits under your arm and sits at the bend of your waist makes you look taller and more shapely.

Richer colors look richer. Don't wimp out on me. You'll be glad you ditched the black.


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