Friday, November 27

Harajuku Fashion

When someone speaks about the country of Japan the first thing that comes to the mind of most people is their thriving economy, innovative technologies and vast selection of electronics. But if you are a fashion lover, you’ll see Japan as the birthplace of one of the most unique and breakthrough trend in the industry and that is the Harajuku fashion.

The term Harajuku fashion was made popular due to a number of celebrity stylists who took interest and fell in love with this fashion style. It speaks clearly of individuality, freedom of expression and personality. Ideally, Harajuku is the busy area in the middle of Tokyo near the Shibuya station where trendy clothing stores were established. The crowd is more of the young, hip and vibrant Japanese youths that are not afraid to steer off from the usual closet staples of the locals which are dark coats, dark pants and plain shirts.

The Harajuku style is a concept that not everyone would find appealing. With bright, contradicting colors, heavy eyeliners, dyed hair, it could be easily considered as too much. The styles are divided into different categories there are some who follows the Cosplay trend which is basically dressing up as your favorite anime or manga character. Some ladies who wish to maintain a lady-like image could go for a Japanese doll look which is probably the most toned down look. Then of course fans of music can adapt the look of Japanese rock artists.

Walking around the busy Shibuya and Harajuku area is like being on an actual runway filled with ordinary citizens strutting their way to life in a fashionable manner.


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