Thursday, November 12

Recycle Clothing, Shoes. It's Easier than You Think

For Garments

Rather than recycling the whole garment, many items can be recycled for parts. An old pair of jeans can be sacrificed for parts to save other pairs, a patch here, a pocket there. Denim and other fabrics can also be kept for other homemade projects such as purses, pillows, and blankets. Old T-shirts from concerts or sport teams can be patched together to make a memorable quilt. Manufacturers are also used, post-consumer waste, and material waste from processing, also known as postindustrial waste.

For Shoes

Just as you have choices in buying clothing, you face similar decisions when it comes to purchasing shoes. Shoe manufacturer is heavily dependent on dyes, glues, chemically tanned leather, and rubber. The industry as a whole has been slow to incorporate more sustainable practices and improve environmental welfare. In 1993, Nike developed the Re-Use a Shoe program, which collects used athletic shoes and defective products. The shoes are accepted all over the world and processes at recycling centers in China, Indonesia, and Vietnam.


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