Tuesday, November 24

Saving on Haircuts

You can spend a lot of money getting your hair cut. But there are lots of ways to save. Unless you have difficult-to-cut hair, there's no reason not to go to one of the chains that generally charges 100 to 150 pesos. They usually include shampoo and blow dry hair.

If you go to a salon, you'll pay for the fancy environment rather than the haircut. Women have told me they have had terrible haircuts that cost 150 or more. Try to find a smaller place in your neighborhood. That probably will be cheaper than a big salon. Some salons also have training salons affiliated with them. They have people who have been hair-cutters for years, but are training for a chair at the expensive salon.

Or look for salons that need models to try different hairstyles. For almost nothing, you can get a haircut for which others might pay 200 pesos. They are more likely to choose you if you are willing to accept a major change in your style, but they'll do a minor change as well.

Another alternative is a haircutting school. They have beginning haircutters who are being supervised by experienced cutters. They'll give a free hair cut.


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