Tuesday, February 16

Make-up Facts and Tips

Use a small brush, such s a clean lip brush, to blend foundation to the base of the eyelashes, the inner and outer edges of the eyes, the brows and the sides of the nose.

Beware of using tinted green moisturizes or foundations to tone down redness, if the texture of the product is too heavy, you may end up with a green cast to your complexion which is not attractive.

Revolutionary technology means that you can have a base that looks as though you've just applied it, all day long. The silicone in the new formulations evaporates within a minute, leaving the color locked onto your skin, yet feeling comfortable hour after hour. Look out for make-up fixing sprays which coat the complexion with a long-lasting, invisible film.

When applying make-up, remember that lighter colors will make features look larger, and darker colors will help an area to recede.
Colored mascaras can greatly enhance certain eye colors, maroon or purple mascara will bring out the color of blue or green eyes, while black, charcoal or dark brown moire mascaras that have a touch of iridescence, such as silver or gold tones, can highlight hazel or dark brown eyes.

When you are correcting the shape of the lips, you can apply a little concealer before you redraw the outline. Concealer will also help thin lips to appear more prominent. Darker shades of lipstick require a lip brush to apply them. A brush will also help you to layer the color onto the lips for a longer-lasting result. To create a well-defined lip contour on wrinkled lips, smile before applying lip pencil and lipstick. Avoid oily food if you want your lipstick to last.

Bear in mind that pale, glossy shades of lipstick will make thin or small lips look larger, while dark shades will make them look even smaller. You can concealer to help thin lips appear more prominent. Apply a little concealer around the lip line before you redraw a new outline.

If you don't have time for a weekly manicure, apply cuticle oil every night to strengthen the nails and wear pale, low-maintenance shades. Keep a white pencil in your make-up bag and apply it to the inner corner of the eyes when you are tired or when your eyes are red. Consider making one feature your beauty trademark, you could wear liquid eyeliner, bright lipstick or an eye-catching nail polish each day.


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