Tuesday, February 23

The Wedding Party

Be Kind to Your Friends

If you have ever been a bridesmaid, you will be the first to allow your bridal party to help choose the dresses. You, of course, should pick the color scheme, but let your attendants choose a dress that flatters both their figures and finances.

How To Please Everyone

Since each of your attendants will most likely have a different figure type, consider choosing different but similar styles in the same color. It will make your wedding line unique and your wedding attendants extremely grateful. There are several designers now offering designs for attendants as separates. This allows for the accommodation of all figure types.

Guest Attire


A pantsuit is a chic alternative if worn in a dressy fabric.


The old superstition of not wearing black to a wedding because it is bad luck is long past. But do consider navy as a more modern alternative.


Don't wear it to a first wedding. It is fine to wear to a second wedding, but I still believe beige shows more respect.


It's only acceptable if the wedding starts after 6 p.m.


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