Saturday, March 19

Consignment Selling

Consignment shops accept merchandise from individual owners to be resold. They then pay a percentage for the selling price, often 40% to 60%, to the owner after the item has been sold. Haggling over price is not as it is at a garage sale, because there is more than one party involved in the pricing.

Consignment stores may be a great way of reselling your own unwanted clothing as well as buying what other people wants to sell. Ask the shop owner or manager what the buying procedures are. And, be prepared to wait for your items to sell.

You may want to research which stores have a fast turnover. Stopping by as a buying customer a few times may help you identify a store that moves its merchandise quickly. If you don’t think the salesperson you talk to seems professional or knowledgeable, ask to speak with someone else. If you are not confident that you can trust the store or that your clothes will sell, continue your search.

If you decide to use a consignment shop, it is important to keep track of what you give and to whom. Keep your receipts and check in regularly with the stores to see if your things have sold.


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