Saturday, March 26

Does This Look Good on Me?

Stay focused on the good. If you have gorgeous eyes, choose a swimsuit that will pull focus to them, if you have beautiful skin, choose a color that will flatter it; if you have a great bust line, look for a suit that flatters “the girls”; if you have long legs, choose a swimsuit that highlights the enviable length. Come on, we all have good stuff, so let’s stay focused on that.

Now you are at the rack. Take a deep breath, but keep these tips in mind, based on your own body type:

Full bust: Halter tops with thicker straps and underwire are best. This style will help capture the full breast and offer the best list.

Small bust: Molded form cups, cups with a pocket for a silicone insert, underwire cups, and front closures offer the best bust enhancement. Bright colors and bold patterns also work wonders.

Tummy control: Choose a one-piece suit with a shaper panel built in for support.

Larger thighs: Opt for a solid-color bottom and a bold, printed top. Choose a plunging top with thicker straps placed father apart to create more visual balance. You can also choose a skirted bottom, but make sure that the side edges of the skirt smile or turn up to create a longer leg line. A skirt that goes straight across can highlight the size of the thighs.

When it comes to a cover-up, choose a beautiful wrap or bandeau that matches your suit bottoms and feels more glamorous. Avoid wearing oversized T-shirts, overalls, or men’s swim trunks. You will have more confidence and look better if you have a swimming ensemble that you like.


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