Friday, April 29

Back to School Soon

School summer vacation in this country is almost over. Only this Monday, I enrolled my son in the same school where he was studied since 7th Grade. And now, he is officially enrolled in the 9th Grade. But before we enroll our children, the school requires the parent or guardian to attend a two-hour orientation program for the 9th grade students. Well, the topic was all about the do's and don't's of school rules and policy, and one of these policies is not to bring a guitar in the school, not unless if the student is a school choir member. My son was not happy for this because last year, students were free to bring guitars in the school. Anyhow, I was looking for raven mti. I was told that this microphone is perfect for home studio. I already have found one, and I am just waiting for my money this month.


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