Sunday, April 3

For Indoor and Outdoor Camping Tent

It's school summer vacation, and we are planning to have a one-night or maybe more nights camping at the beach. Yes, camping at the beach and not in the mountain. We have 4-person camping tent, but one leg was broken, so I was searching for another tent but I want a bigger size.

I have found a 6 to 7 persons camping tent at Ensogo, but I am not sure if it has a good quality even if there is a product description on it. The last camping tent that I had, I bought it at the mall, and before I bought it, the seller tried to demonstrate to us on how to stand the tent, and on how to fold it back.

Anyhow, here's the product description of a camping tent.

For camping, travel, fishing, outdoor, indoor

Sleeps 6-7

Quick and easy set-up – 15 minutes or less

Support rod: 7001 Aluminum

Fabric: Canvas

Aluminum pole

Colors may vary

It says that there is enough space for six people to comfortably sleep in without any fuss. There is also enough space for your camping bags. This camping tent also comes as water-proof. What do you think guys, is it good or not?


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